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Purses are girls's finest friend to accessorize their wardrobe. Since 1854, Louis Vuitton has brought distinctive designs to the world, combining innovation with style, all the time aiming for the finest high quality. As we speak, the House stays faithful to the spirit of its founder, Louis Vuitton, who invented a genuine Artwork of Travel” via luggage, baggage and equipment which have been as inventive as they had been elegant and practical. Since then, audacity has formed the story of Louis Vuitton. Devoted to its heritage, Louis Vuitton has opened its doorways to architects, artists and designers across the years, all the while developing disciplines equivalent to ready-to-put on, shoes, accessories, watches, jewelry, and perfume. These rigorously created merchandise are testomony to Louis Vuitton's dedication to fantastic craftsmanship.

For example, the Enterprise of Korea reported this year that Louis Vuitton sneakers are produced in a factory in Romania then shipped to Italy the place the soles are attached. That is so it may possibly affix a Made in Italy” tag on each one. That is strictly authorized, although not authentically kosher, because the European Union rules specify that the country of origin may be claimed the place ultimate manufacturing is carried out, not the place the majority of the product is actually made.

For example, the pretend datecode is MI 1920. MI means that the bag got here from France. If the stamping on the Louis Vuitton bag states: made in U.S.A or Spain, you recognize that this bag is a counterfeit. The nation signified on the datecode should be the identical nation specified on the "Made in" stamping.