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Stop that now, Coach is really different from what you think

What kind of brand is Coach?

There has been some misunderstanding about this issue in our country.

Judging Coach based on what kind of people are buying it seems a bit complicated.

After all, from 18 little sisters to 68 old ladies are using it.

Take a look at Coach's catalog to get a sense of how the brand is positioning itself:

You see, in the latest season of runway shows, the coats worn by the models, including the succulent models themselves, have a youthful look.

Last year's AD featured Chloe, who was only 18.

Even across the screen, but still can not block the energy of the little sister next door:

It can also be seen that his target consumer groups are actually some young people with better economic conditions.

And compared to some true luxury brands, their brand image in the export is very different.

Take Hermes for example:

It feels like every detail of the body has been carefully designed. And the vitality of youth has nothing to do with, more is a kind of superior temperament through the bones.

Moreover, as a luxury brand, its origin must be in Europe, and its customers must all be aristocrats, who are embarrassed to say that they have a history of hundreds of years.

Then there is Coach, which is just a craft factory in the United States.

The earliest design inspiration was not golden, but just a few cobblers. They felt that the leather of the baseball glove was very strong and durable, so they wanted to use the leather of the baseball glove to make a bag. More on practicality:

In the early days of the brand, Coach also earned a good reputation in the hearts of Americans by virtue of the durable characteristics of leather:

Coach, per se, has nothing to do with luxury.

Although do not speak luxury, but why compatriot always someone feels, this brand is very low?

You should know that when Coach first entered China, consumers' consumption power and awareness of the brand were still relatively limited, and it was easy to form an opinion as follows:

This brand is so expensive. It must be a big brand.

Plus Coach's stores tend to be sleek and open next door to luxury brands:

This naturally gives people the preconceived impression that Coach must be a big brand.

Later, as people's economic conditions became better and better, more and more people were able to buy Coach in foreign countries and found that the big brands in their hearts were actually so much cheaper in foreign countries!

Go out to play once, don't buy ten or eight Coach bags back, feel oneself lose:

After a few years, however, it is not uncommon to hear from friends who have seen the world say,

"In fact, Coach is not a big brand abroad."

Suddenly realized that once his crazy pursuit of the "big", and not so fierce. In addition to the spread of domestic fake goods, all kinds of aunt crazy body:

It's natural to think:

Trash Coach, ruin my youth, take my money.

But in fact, it makes sense that this kind of idea is just the gap between people's cognition of a brand, which makes people feel that Coach is not worth it.

So Coach products, really not?

Those who know a little about Coach should know that its products are generally divided into two lines. The big logo we often see in the street is actually an outlet line, which is the discount line.

The products will only be sold in Coach's outlets and on the factory's website:

The product design is mostly uncharacteristic, basically a backpack with two C logos printed all over it, and of course the price is relatively cheap.

What is truly representative of Coach's design prowess, however, is its full-price styling.

Will only be available at Coach stores and on its website:

In 2013, Coach replaced its creative director with LVMH designer Stuart Vevers.

He shows a more youthful, stylish side in Coach's latest line, "Coach 1941".

In the bag design, there are more bright colors:

Coach also designed its own Tyrannosaurus Rex, a cartoon character that has been used in many products.

This youthful and trendy design has made Coach more fashionable and more memorable:

But when it comes to selling prices, Coach's approach in China is indeed a comparison.

The same backpack for men costs $1,100 on the US website, but it costs 11,900 on the Chinese website...

Even if you just added a 0 to the 1100, that's still $900 more:

With such a price difference, if you sell well that is really God's face... Fortunately now overseas online shopping daigou so convenient, want to buy friends or choose these channels.

Then again, what does Coach do well?

I don't think I can read Coach's official website because the styles are very few and the price is very expensive.

The products on the American official website are much richer, and the price is basically only about two thirds of that on the domestic official website.

This calfskin backpack, for example, has a racecar stripe on the front and a computer compartment inside, making it a perfect commuting backpack:

As for the wallet, I don't think I should spend that money on the big logo style.

I would rather look at the 'Coach 1941' collection of several long money clips, which are made with tanned leather and feel more delicate. The inner layer also has a lot of mezzanines, so it's not a problem to put seven or eight credit cards.

And on top of that, they're cute:

Of course, if you want to buy one for your girlfriend, the popular style of SWAGGER is a good choice in recent years.

The size is suitable, very suitable for a young girl who has just started to work, the brand itself is not too high profile. And the price of 3000 yuan on the American official website is much more affordable than that in China:

Coach's domestic and international price differential is his biggest embarrassment, but it's not a problem now that overseas online shopping is so convenient.

As for some people who think buying Coach is better than buying an entry-level donkey, I think that if we simply pursue a logo,

No matter how the grade of the brand itself, can lose a lot of things wrong.

Do you think this is the truth?